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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why move into a Retirement Village as opposed to just moving into a house?

It really depends on you and what you want in life right now? But moving into a retirement Village is a lifestyle choice and creates a community of like minded people, just like communities used to be! What it offers you is Security, companionship, less worry with household maintenance and more time to enjoy the fun things in life.

You can expect to receive 24-hour emergency assistance, which enables you to access assistance in the times of an emergency; day-to-day village administration and management, consisting of staff experienced with the retirement village sector; general village maintenance and gardening.

2. Will the village be constructed in stages?

The expected completion date for the village is planned for June 2025. It will be constructed over four major stages. 

*Please note all above staging is subject to weather conditions throughout the construction stages.

3. How do I secure a home?

Secure your new home with a $1,000 fully refundable holding deposit while you ready your family home for sale. 

4. Will I own my own home?

Yes. You are registered on the title deed as an interested party holder.

5. What is a deferred management fee (DMF)

Also known as a departure fee, the DMF benefit is twofold.

It provides flexibility on the pricing of the in-going contribution, by allowing the prospective resident to pay a reduced amount up front with the remainder being withheld by the operator when you leave.

Being the primary source of return on the operations investment, the DMF ensures funding for ongoing capital costs of redevelopment and renewal within the village.

6. Do I have to pay Stamp Duty?

No, Stamp Duty is not applicable under the Retirement Villages Act. 

7. Is there a cooling off period?

Residents are protected by a 90 day settling in period under NSW legislation. If you change your mind after occupation, you can give notice in writing within the 90 day period to terminate your contract without penalty, and receive a refund of your in-going contribution in full (less fair market rent for the time you were in occupation).

8. Is there a general services charge or recurrent charge?

As a resident, you will be required to pay a “recurrent charge” or “maintenance fee”, which covers the running costs of the village e.g. day-to-day village management and administration, general village maintenance, council rates, insurance, security costs and gardening. These charges may increase annually by a prescribed rate as outlined in your contract.

Expenses you may incur include telephone, internet, electricity and contents insurance. 

9. Can we make alterations to our home?

You can make alterations to the interior or exterior of your home, within reason. There are policies in place to protect the safety and comfort of all residents and to safeguard the aesthetic qualities and integrity of the retirement village. These must be complied with. Alterations involving electricity, gas, plumbing or building structure and external appearance must be approved by management before any work is carried out and all work must be carried out by qualified, registered tradespeople. You can, of course, redecorate the interior of your home more or less as you choose although the village manager must be kept informed.

Minor internal alterations can be made with the consent of management, however, when the lease is re-assigned, the right is reserved to restore the property to original condition at the resident’s expense.

10. What communal facilities are available at the Village?

The Gardens Pavilion will provide you with all the facilities you need to bring variety to each day and connect with other residents.

Within the village, the Community Centre includes a library, meeting and activities room, and visitor consultation room. There is also a swimming pool and heated spa accessible with disability access, and a barbecue area to catch up over a meal.

When your family and friends visit, these facilities are a fantastic place to entertain.

  • Cafe
  • Dining room
  • Library
  • Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Indoor-Heated Lap / Swimming Pool
  • Community Garden
  • Bowling green
  • Gym and sauna
  • Community Centre
  • Arts and Crafts room
  • Workshop / Shed
  • Activities and games room
  • Outdoor BBQ area
  • Cinema
  • Village bus

Other services

  • On-site manager
  • Visiting hairdresser
11. Can I bring my pet?

We recognise that pets can be an important part of your life so we welcome pets under certain provisions to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all residents.

12. Can we have guests stay with us?

Generally you are more than welcome to have family and friends stay over. However depending on the length of their stay, you may be required to obtain written approval from the Village Manager. This is to ensure the safety and security of all residents. You should ask the Sales Consultant or Village Manager for the rules relating to the village of your choice.

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